Sunday's Sermon

Welcome to the Sunday's Sermon Page.  Each week come here to find the Sermon for that day as well as the sermon's from the previous weeks.

This Week's Sermon Speaker Date
In Christ - Created Gene Hawkins May 24, 2015
Previous Week's Sermons    
In Christ - Freedom Gene Hawkins May 17, 2015
A Queen Mother's Counsel Gene Hawkins May 10, 2015
In Christ- Bonds Gene Hawkins April 26, 2015
In Christ- Faith Gene Hawkins April 19, 2015
In Christ- The Ways Of Paul Gene Hawkins April 12, 2015
Meeting With The Christ Of Resurrection Gene Hawkins April 5, 2015
The Sermon series "Strong in the Lord " can be found in it's entirety on the Sermons page
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